Facebook Garage Sthlm, part 7

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Niclas Strandh 🔗

Future of social media

Everything will be social media in the future. We can’t separate social media from what isn’t social media. More companies in Sweden blogs. Blogging is no longer the devil but something useful. They react and act on social media.

Today I made peace with an editor in chief on Dagens Media.

The digital life and the analogue life is merging. It’s no use to talk about digital life vs. IRL. IRL is both.

Social media is a part of many peoples daily lives.

Around the corner: vlogging (people are not word people), more social than media, the lifestream (we have to have it to know the person), everything has to be tagged (not by the author but by the reader/consumer), geotagging (we have what and when, next is where. Raced to Stockholm with Björn Falkevik. I won because he was at the wrong place).
Digital Immigrants vs. Digital Natives

We all remember a life without computers and remember the first time we used the Internet. People now in the adolescene are digital natives.

My people have moved on from Facebook to Jaiku. We are nomads, we are moving. The nomads aren’t necessarily the early adopters.

If I find a new app or service I am fascinated in how it’s done. If my seven-year old son find a new app he just asks ‘what does it do?’.

Next: the virtual world. We need a spatial reality. It is not Second life. It must be easy to use, have an open API, possible to import and export and have mobile phone integration and be possible to grow old but not become bored.

You make a digital home in the virtual world where you settle.

Second life is too complicated. The virtual world should be easy to use to anyone used to computer games.