Facebook Garage Sthlm, part 5

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Peter Arvai 🔗

Mobispine, a news reader for the mobile phone.

The Mobispine Facebook app.

Idea 🔗

If I can connect to my friends via Facebook and have news in my cell phone we can have something called social news.

Let users share news. Recommend news in the cell phone to your friends (and read what your friends had recommended).

Get friends status updates and create their own.

Wanted to have Facebook login form in mobile app like we have with other services. But we had to get the user to add the Mobispine Facebook app first in Facebook. A limitation of walled garden. Not very good for external applications.

Facebook opened up their API early on but it isn’t so open.

They change their API constantly so we must change our code. Maintenance costs. Open social seems to be better.

It’s hard to make useful applications.

Google Maps is his favorite mobile application (except Mobispine).