Facebook Garage Sthlm, part 4

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Gabriel Sundqvist 🔗

Pronto, word-of-mouth marketing agency (and also bread delivery, Änglabröd, and comic store, Tokyo stop)

Cancerfonden is one of the clients. Worked with the breast cancer campaign Rosa bandet. To raise money online and increase brand awareness. Created an Facebook application.

A small banner on the personal profile telling that he added the application but not invited any friends or contributed any money.

Two toplists: most given money (only men on the top list), most invited people (only women on the top list)

Had a goal of 3000 installed applications. Reached 552400 in November. Didn’t make any marketing activities around the application. The employees on the agency just added their friends. Raised 500 140 kronor.

Cancerfonden were reluctant about the campaign, Pronto had to persuade them to go on this.

We will not reach the same goals in October 2008 since Facebook has reached it’s peak.


You depend on the users and their activities. In many campaigns the users put much effort to create a success. How can you reward them?

If we reward them they are more likely to help us again next year. In this application we helped the users to look like responsible citizens.

Could you have achieved the same results with a commercial client

No, it’s hard to fundraise money to commerical companies.