Facebook Garage Sthlm, part 3

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Annika Lidne 🔗

Walled gardens

AOL the original walled garden on the Internet. Moralistic censorship blocking nasty words.

Not interesting from a searching point of view. Scandals: Beacon, 5000 friend limit, closed account.

No data portability with Facebook. Can’t compile information from Facebook like on Friendfeed. I won’t login to a bloody site just to view something.

After the users have looked up all old class mates (that they didn’t like anyway) and their neighbours–what to do next? Uploading photos and videos? No, you can’t take it with you anywhere else. It’s just a yearbook. It doesn’t encourage discussions. Groups have no notifications.

A media hype on Facebook in 2007. But it didn’t work to engage there, mostly because advertising on social networks are a bad idea.

The trend will go to more individualized social networks.

Women dominates social media use, like Facebook, blogging.

People that search are ready to spend money and are worth to advertise on. People in a social network are just interested in their friends and their activities and won’t spend any money.