Hej! Core dump 5

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Björn Jeffery 🔗

New Media vs. Old Media (in 20 minutes) 🔗

Innan idag har Björn flera gånger uttryckt sin ängslan för att hinna med och vilka slides att stryka. 10 slides kortare nu än den var klockan 9.

Internetstrateg på Good Old. Grundare av Manolo och Discobelle. Tidigare på SVT, GP och SDS.

Old media not used to Internet, dialogue and competition from non-media companies.

Internet: from a medium to a carrier of media (above TV, radio, and so on.)

Competition: 🔗

  • Classifieds

    • Craigslist.org (made 6 million dollars, 60 million dollars removed from the market)
    • Blocket.se (same effect in Sweden)
  • Dialogue, Reader commentary pushes

    • Correctness
    • Transparency
    • The importance of knowing your readers
  • The change

    • Invite readers to a conversation
    • From gatekeeper to curator
    • Face facts – everyone doesn’t like you any more (just one RSS of 200)
    • LEverage strong brand inn order to create new areas of information.

Communication shift 🔗

News narcissism. från händelserna med ungdomshuset i Köpenhamn.

Information narcissism: fewer public common grounds.

School massacre at Virginia Tech. Björn missing this news and focusing Allers buy of Blogg Esse.

Core values IRL (temperature). Nerd values online (new Shimano gear system to Nike concept bike)

New media 🔗

Lots of micro channels make macro.

Successful new media understands and supports micro and tries to create new macro.

Old medias revenge (Virgina Tech mass murder): 18 pages of news on one single story
Feeding the public’s urge for more.
Adding all aspects to create maximum of buzz.

New media keys

  • Balance – more than just rants and raves
  • Credibility – pr-blogs spamming the conversation (Which blogs are bought and not?)
  • Research – one phone call does all the difference (would have made so many blog entries so much better, much less speculation)
  • Decency – bloggers code of conduct

The challenge 🔗

Keeping micro sharp and correct
…while creating new social grounds where serveral micro can meet
…in order to create the new macros

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