Inte längre parasitisk?

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Widgets på en mobiltelefon? Klämma in begreppet Web 2.0 i ett pressmeddelande? Nokia!

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced WidSets, a phone manufacturer-independent Web 2.0 service, that automatically multicasts preferred RSS feeds and user-generated content. With WidSets, Nokia highlights the power behind the evolution of Web 2.0 – the people, the content they produce and the social networks dynamics, facilitating how mobility enhances Web 2.0’s use and enjoyment.> …> WidSets allows users to build a Content Library, freely choosing from RSS feeds to blog posts to photo uploading sites that are multicasted to any new generation Java™ enabled mobile devices. WidSets keeps such content updated and forms a symbiotic relationship with the web, enabling both mediums to work as one.

(För trött för att skriva någon riktig text? David!)