Facebook Garage Sthlm, part 2

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More notes:

Brit Stakston 🔗

Worked on a computer-based system for study and work abroad in 1992. Released on CD-ROM 1994, Internet 1997.

Companies have a fear of social media. Must tell them that bad things happen in real life too. Fear of lack of control.

Inspire companies to listen, talk, interact, have courage. Be flexible and do in-flight corrections.

Before: 27 different youth portals. Today: go fishing where the fish is.

Over 1 million Swedish Facebook users. Have taught people what a social network is. Myspace is too much punk, can’t learn older users. The use of pictures and real names of persons have taught companies of social media.

Analogue values and digital values will clash sometimes.

Companies embrace transparency when things go well, not when they go bad.

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Surprised that the paper cared about a blog with only 20–40 readers. Not surprised that an American company fires such a blogger.