Facebook Garage Sthlm, part 1

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Jonas Nyvang, Myspace 🔗

Marketing and content in the Nordic countries. Denmark is one of the most growing countries in Myspace. [Boring demo reel for Myspace] »People, content and culture«

110 million active users contra Facebook’s 80 m. 8 million artists and bands, 1.5 billion images on Myspace.

The difference between the two:

  • Facebook: Social graph, the people you know
  • Myspace: Interests, dreams and passions

Culturally relevant by developing local content locally.


  • personal: Online profile becomes primary internet address
  • portable: Seamless between socially based sites
  • collaborative

gallery site launched today

3 sets of APIs

  1. OpenSocial w. Myspace extensions
  2. REST
  3. Actionscript/Flash

Commitment to open standards.

Developers keep 100% of the revenue.

Hypertargeting is introduced (reach persons based on interests).

Successful widgetmakers

Increased functionality, more fun but don’t spam our users!