Joe Armstrong

Ex-physicist. PhD CS. Inventor Erlang.

»How to make money«. The engineer’s way: make money according to the plan.

If you use the same technology as everybody else you get the same result as everybody else.

Let’s be different.



The same language
Boring, Level playing field, No commercial advantage

Use a better language

Fun, Risky, Large commercial advantage

There exist things that we can’t talk about because our language is inadequate.

No notion of a zero in roman numerals. Can’t express things with zeros in it.
This makes programming difficult.

The year between 1 BC and 1 AD?

Babylonians knew about zero.

32-core processor. Erlang problem could go 32 times faster, not so with Java or C++.

The »Javarians« knew about processes and types but »Erlangians« got processes right and »Haskellians« got types right.

  1. Assembler
  2. Fortran – C (imperative)
  3. C++, Java, Ruby, C# (OO)
  4. Erlang – Haskell (CO- concurrency oriented, FP - )

Resistance to change between the

Concurrency-oriented model.

Banned from Ericsson Revenge of the nerds. Startade eget, såldes för 1,4 miljarder kronor.


Ejabbard. World domination in 2 years.

Book: Programming Erlang on the Pragmatic programmers.

Anti-inspirational: Windows Vista’s memory requirements.