Hej! Core dump 1

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Eric Wahlforss och Alexander Ljung 🔗

Architectures for trust 🔗

Tim O’Reilly [bild web 2.0 expo] »Arch. for participation« -> teknik
Danah Boyd -> sociologi, antropologi

Tillit till Visa (dragna belopp), till mamma (hemligheter).

»Trust is a balance between knowledge and ignorance.«

Framework for trust in communities.

Calculus-based trust vs. Identification-based trust (Becoming a shady car dealer)

RapLeaf – reputation score
quick assessment, calcus-based trust. No personality

Mahir – personal expression system does nothing for you

Limitations as enablers (pre-paid phone cards running out of money to come out of social awkardness)

Wikipedia, the trust between developers are strong. Strong identification-based trust between core developers, ripples out to the masses of user. A system for trust would destroy that trust?