David Haddad, Spontu

Raising money

Who you think will give you money: FBFund, Quickstart Fund, App Factory, Altura 1.

They are looking for small teams and loan money and expects discount on shares in return.

Haven’t found an example where they actually have invested.

Why they probably won’t give it to you: Their model doesn’t scale, no major exits.

So who has raised money so far? (By direct investments, not in any of the above mentioned funds) iFamily (Geni/Kindo-like), SocialMedia (application factory like Slide), Courses (re-implemented a removed Facebook functionality), Causes.

Making money

  • AdSense, CPM, Surveys, CP-Install

Like sponsorships: Superpoke had a collaboration with Samsung Electronics to promote their products. Could throw HDTVs at each other. Zombies had a sweep-stake collaboration with Resident Evil movie franchise.

Cities I’ve visited was developed by Tripadvisor that is a standalone site. They monetize in a indirect way by promoting their own site in the app and the sell advertising on their own site.


[didn’t get to it]

Karamellkungen (Candy king) is a widget company in a sense.

Answer with analogies